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Progressive Delivery Function

Some writing projects ordered by our customers are longer and more complicated than the common ones. Such orders can be delivered in a progressive way, i.e. in sections. For instance, if your academic work consists of 10 + pages (single spacing) or 20+ pages (double spacing), it can be sent to you in parts so that it is easier for you to manage it.

Advantages of Utilizing Our Superb Progressive Delivery Service

  • By referring to this option, it will be easier for our clients to trace the progress of their assignments. The papers will be issued to customers in parts/drafts* for approval before the due date.
  • Owing to this option, a free revision period is extended to 30 days (a common revision period is 48 hours).
  • Your assignment will be handled by a highly experienced specialist.
  • All writing projects are supervised by a personal manger to ensure that they are completed in the right manner. In addition, we make certain that nothing prevents our customers from communicating with our writers.

Drafts are sent in the following way*:

  • Assignments with a 4-day deadline (or less). A draft (25% of your paper) is provided within 50% of the specified time span. For example, if your paper includes 20 pages and has to be produced in 4 days, the first draft, i.e. 5 pages, will be issued to you in 48 hours.
  • Papers with the deadline ranging from 5 to 11 days. We will send you two drafts after 25% and 50% of the imposed time frame expires in the volume of 25% and 50% of the overall word count respectively.
  • Writing projects that have to be completed within 12 days or more. In such a case, we issue three drafts after 25%, 50%, and 75% of the stated time span expires in the amount of 25%, 50%, and 75% of the general word count accordingly.

The cost of the progressive delivery service is just additional 15% to the assignment price.

* You may choose another way of delivering your piece of writing. If this is the case, you should get in touch with our personal manager and ask him/her to work out a specific plan that will satisfy your demands and order specifications.

Additional Services for the Assignments Including Less than 20 Pages

  • Summary (One Page)

In some cases, students are supposed to create a brief summary outlining the key points their papers are focused on. If your professor gives you such a task, turn to us and we will help you compose a concise 1-page summary highlighting the chief points of your writing project.

  • Draft of Your Academic Work

If you need a 1-page draft of your academic paper, you are welcome to us as well. The expert assigned to your piece of writing will create a detailed draft for you once 50% of the time frame indicated in the order form expires. For example, if the deadline is 8 days, a draft will be issued to you in 4 days. Please note that if your work is double-spaced, the draft will include 300 words. In case your writing project is single-spaced, the delivered draft will consist of 600 words.

  • Extended Revision Option

Those who use the services provided by our online company can get their writing projects revised for free (if needed, of course). If you believe that your work has to be amended, you should send us your request within 2 days after the initial deadline expiration. However, an extended revision option means that time span for revising your paper can be broadened up to two weeks, i.e. 14 days. Testimonials!

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