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The quality of services we offer corresponds with the highest standards of academic writing, while we do our best to keep our prices affordable for the majority of students.

Our competitors often try to offer a lower price to their clients. Therefore, they compromise on the quality of work, hiring writers whose native language is not English. Too often, such writers have got no complete education.

Our customer support managers are at your service 24/7. They are ready to answer any questions or resolve any concerns that you may have.

Our competitors often do not offer you any contact information. Whenever you may have questions, you usually have nobody to ask them to.

All financial transactions made through our web site are secure.

In order to save, our competitors often use merchant accounts which put their clients’ financial information at risk.

Our team takes great pride in providing you with papers that are free of grammar mistakes, plagiarism or typos.

Our competitors do not have the team of editors. They cannot afford to hire them since they are trying to keep their prices low. This results in providing papers full of plagiarism, factual and grammar mistakes and other issues unacceptable in academic writing.

The testimonials you may find on our website are original testimonials. They are not faked in any way. All of them were written by our clients.

In the majority of cases, our competitors do not have grateful customers to write testimonials. Therefore, they write testimonials for their websites on their own. If you try to write an unsatisfied feedback on their website, you will find it deleted the very next day.

Our primary goal is our clients’ satisfaction. Therefore, we do everything in order to meet all the requirements and follow all the instructions of our clients. We always provide complete papers within a deadline.

Our competitors often do not guarantee anything and return papers to their clients long after the deadline.

Our website is 100% safe. This is confirmed by special software, which shows that the site corresponds with the requirements of McAfee Secure Security.

Our competitors hardly ever care to spend money on safety issues. It is understandable that they cannot afford them; otherwise they would have to put the prices up. Low prices are their only tool, with which they attract naive clients. Testimonials!

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