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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help me submit my order registration form if it keeps loading?

If you cannot successfully submit the order registration form, the problem is most probably caused by the fact that you have exceeded the allowed size of the attached files. So, instead of trying to upload all the necessary materials together with the order registration form, send them to the customer support team via email.

Can I update information on the academic complexity level, paper length urgency, deadline, etc.? I have noticed that I have chosen an improper option while registering my order online.

Customers are not allowed to change the order description on their own at any time they want. However, with assistance of customer support agents, you can do that. You have to inform them about your decision and then provide the updated information. They will be able to submit it on your behalf, but you will have to pay compensation for it.

Is it possible to extend my paper and add more pages?

Please inform the customer support team about this update in your instructions. After that, you will have to place an additional order that will be connected to the initial one. Your writer will receive a notification and will be able to continue work on your paper.

How can I be sure that a writer has been assigned to complete my paper?

You can monitor these details in your personal account. Just take a look at the order details. You will be able to see the writer’s ID in the corresponding field.

Can I buy a draft from you?

If you want a draft, you need to pay for it separately and expect it to be delivered after 50% of the whole deadline has passed. Keep in mind that the draft is a one-page document.

How can I send a revision request?

When you want to use the free revision option, you have to fit into the 48 hours after the deadline expiration (paper delivery). In this case, you should not provide any new requirements. Provide remarks based on what the writer has written and set the revision deadline. The paid revision option is available if the free revision time has expired. More so, paid revision is the only available option for you if you have decided to add some new instructions. For longer papers, the free revision period is extended to 30 days.

How can I change the phone number/password/ email address?

Go to your profile and click the “Edit” button. Remember that you can edit the details only after you have logged in to the system. Do not forget to save all the updates that you have provided.

How much time should I wait till you assign a writer to me?

We go the extra mile trying to find the writer as soon as possible — right after you have verified your order payment. However, this process may also depend on whether we have writers available to work and how complicated your instructions are, etc.

I would like to place a revision but the free revision period has already expired. Can I still ask my writer to improve my paper?

You can request a paid revision. It will cost extra and you will have to place it as a separate order type. Still, it is a great option for you to get your paper brushed up.

What are the ways I can contact my writer?

We provide only one option — to send direct text messages via the messaging system on the website. In some emergency cases, you are free to contact our customer support agents and they will get a brief reply from your assigned writer.

Where will I find the uploaded paper?

Go to your personal profile, find the needed order ID, go to Files section and there you are. Completed papers are uploaded there. You will also receive an email notification when your writer finishes and uploads the paper.

Do you have writers who can take an online test for me?

Yes, we have writers on our team who are experienced in taking online tests, quizzes, and exams on behalf of our clients. Place an order and indicate “Online test” type, add the details, descriptions, and other relevant facts. Upload study materials if needed. Then indicate the exact time when the test will begin, the duration of the test, and your time zone. Remember to provide your student’s credentials to the test platform so that the assigned expert could perform the test in real-time regime instead of you. We will check writers’ availability and will try to find the professional who best matches your requirements.

Do you have specialists well versed in coding and IT-related assignments?

No, we do not provide the types of tasks related to programming, coding, and app development.

How will I get notifications from your company?

Clients receive automatic notifications via email concerning any order-related activity. However, there is also a possibility of receiving SMS notifications or even phone calls.

Can I see in my personal account when an order is assigned to some writer?

Yes, you can track this process when you look at the order status. The “Payment Verification” status means that your financial transaction was not conducted successfully. You need to press the “Pay now” tab to make a payment or forward the payment receipt to us. When your order has been assigned to some writer, the status will become “Processing” and you will be able to see the writer’s ID in the corresponding field. When the status is “Completed,” you are free to download the paper from the Files section.

When will I get the paper?

Remember specifying the paper urgency? That is the deadline your assigned writer will follow, so expect your paper on that date. Note that the countdown begins when your assignment is placed and verified.

I have troubles registering the paper. What may be the cause?

The website may not allow you to proceed with the order due to a few reasons. First, some of the required fields might not be filled. Second, you may have exceeded the file size allowed. Thus, make sure that all the mandatory fields are completed and place your order without the attached files. Send the attachments to our support agents via email, and they will add them to your assignment. Do not forget to indicate the ID of your order in the title of your email.

Where will my paper be uploaded?

You will find your paper in the “Files” section after you go to completed orders in your personal account.

I face challenges with the order payment process. How should I deal with it?

If you turn to our company administration for help, in some cases we will forward your concerns to the Financial Department since we do not directly handle financial issues and payment difficulties. What we can offer you is to use another card for payment or reload the browser you are using.

If my writer happens to complete my paper before the deadline, will he/she send it to me earlier?

No, we do not provide early delivery of papers no matter when the writer finishes them. You should expect your order according to the deadline you have indicated. If you need your paper sooner, please pay compensation for the change in the delivery date and your writer will upload the paper according to the new deadline.

Do you send papers via email after they are completed?

Papers that are completed are uploaded to the system and can be accessed by you after you log in to your account. However, if you cannot log in to the personal profile for some reason in order to download the paper, you can ask the customer care agents to send the paper to you via email.

I have purchased the supreme writing level package, but I want to select a specific writer (the preferred one) for handling my paper. Is it possible to choose the writer who I want to complete my paper?

Purchasing the supreme writing level does not allow clients to choose a writer on their own. They are just guaranteed that one of the top 30 writers will be assigned to work on the paper. However, if you do need a specific writer to work on your order, please purchase the “preferred writer” option additionally. With the supreme writing package, you are also granted to receive a plagiarism report as a proof that the paper is original.

I do not want to leave my personal phone number. Can you do without it?

We do encourage our customers to indicate their valid contact details when they are placing an order with us. One of the core reasons why it is essential to leave your contact number is because it enables us to get in touch with you when we need some urgent clarifications.

Can I rely on privacy of your services? Do you grant any confidentiality?

Definitely, each and every client is granted confidentiality when it comes to any order-related activities as well any information shared by you. We are held responsible for storing that information in utmost privacy. As such, we never disclose the information about you to the third parties. We grant equal confidentiality both to clients and writers.

Can I send only one revision within the free revision time range?

You are just limited in time — for short papers, you have 48 hours, and for long papers, you have 30 days. Still, you are not limited in the number of revisions you can manage to send within that restricted time.

Can I be certain that the paper provided to me by your writers will be free from plagiarism?

Our company has it as a guarantee. Plagiarism-free and authentic content are some of the basic prerequisites of academic integrity. Since we strongly adhere to this policy, we guarantee originality of content.

Who will work on my paper?

We have a versatile team of writers who have different academic levels and degrees: from Master’s to Ph.D. Therefore, when assigning writers to work on your papers, we carefully check whether they meet paper requirements.

Can I be sure that my paper will be edited and proofread?

When you select our VIP services, editing and proofreading are some of the options you can choose. It means that right after your writer finishes the paper; it will be forwarded to the editorial department for check. This service will cost extra, so be prepared to pay for it.

Can I be sure that a writer has started work on my academic assignment after I registered the order?

You can monitor the order writing process in your personal cabinet. So, pay attention to whether the writer’s ID has appeared in the adequate field. Besides, you can focus on the order status. As soon as the payment is made successfully, the status will be “New.” When the writer is working, the status is named “Processing.” When your assignment is uploaded to the system, the status will change to “Sent.” One more way of staying informed about the status of your paper is to order a VIP option called “SMS notifications.” Every time the status of your writing project changes. You will get a text message.

I have mistakenly indicated an improper due date. How can I now modify the paper deadline?

Our company’s customer care workers can adjust details on your behalf. Just provide them with the new information and they will help you calculate the new price and pay compensation. Normally, when you make modifications in the original paper description, the price changes accordingly.

How should I register a new paper with your service if I want it to be written by the specialist who has already handled papers for me?

If you liked the papers of a specific writer so much that you want to choose that expert for the other custom writing service, you are welcome to buy a “Preferred Writer” option. It is paid extra, but the option allows you to choose a specific writing expert for your order completion. You just need to find the ID of that particular writer and insert it into the new order placement field. Keep in mind that you will have to pay additional 15% to the general order price.

What are the duties of your agency?

Immediately after you have placed your order at our site, our utmost responsibility lies in finding the most applicable writing specialist for your paper. Besides, we are responsible for providing round-the-clock customer care service to handle your questions. More so, we are responsible for guaranteeing excellent quality of papers, which are also edited, proofread, and checked for plagiarism.

Will you help me with a confusing assignment?

Since we have the best writers on our team with in-depth career and academic experience, we guarantee that even the most challenging tasks can be tackled by us. Our writers hold Master’s and Ph.D. degrees, so they are capable of handling any assignment.

Why do I have challenges of progressing with the payment process?

Our clients may encounter authorization errors or some payment failures. So, try using some other web browser, a different device, or pay for the order by another banking card.

I cannot successfully manage the custom writing placement process since the page keeps being gray.

If the page does not stop loading without enabling you to submit the order, it is an indicator that the system is overloaded due to peculiar reasons. One of those probable reasons is the huge size of the attached files. If you have been trying to upload the files, but they are larger than the allowed minimum, it is better to send them to the customer care agents via email and they will forward them then to your assigned writer.

I made a payment for the paper, but you are still demanding that I pay.

You need to ascertain yourself whether you have a payment receipt delivered to your email. Make sure you forward the receipt to our administration as proof that the payment was successful. If there is no receipt, you have to search for other proofs. For example, check your banking cabinet to see whether money has been really withdrawn from your bank account. If none of the described methods proves the successful payment, it means that you need to pay once more by using another web browser, device, etc.

I would like to make sure in advance that my order can be handled by your writers. Can I send you my order description before I register the order?

Yes, you are welcome to send us your order details and our agency’s administration will agree on that with writers whether they can handle your task.

Is it imperative to provide my contact details, such as phone number?

It is really recommended for all customers to do it. The phone number is the fastest means of getting in touch with them. When urgent, we can contact you without any troubles and delays. Thus, you will ensure effective communication between two parties.

I got informed by your customer care agents that my order will be refunded. I wonder how much time I should wait for the reimbursement?

In general, our service manages to refund the money within the period of up to 5 business days. Nonetheless, the effectiveness of this procedure also depends on how fast and properly your bank operates.

Can I talk with my assigned writer by some means?

Our company grants clients an impeccable chance to get in touch with writers via instant messaging system. When you log in to your cabinet and click the specific order ID, you may see there the communication system that enables you to exchange text messages with your assigned writer.

Where will I find the paper?

Your assigned writer uploads your order to the system after they finish working on it. As such, only you are granted access to the order since it automatically appears in the system after the upload. Resultantly, you need to click the needed order ID, go to the details, click the tab “Files” and download the document.

When will I get the completed piece of writing?

The completed papers are provided in accordance with the specified deadline that can be checked in the following way:

My orders – Processing orders – Click your assignment ID – section Delivery (it shows the due date).

Can my assigned writer buy the materials needed for my order writing?

We expect our customers to provide writers with all materials needed for the proper order writing process. Therefore, even if some books should be bought, you have to do it and then your writer will finish the paper.

I was trying to place the order with you, but with no success.

We presume that you should check whether you have uploaded any files to the registration form that are not supported. Or, if there are some big files attached, which exceed the size limit, opt to forward them via email.

My instructor has demanded to provide some pages to my paper additionally. Can I ask for that from my assigned writer?

You need to buy an additional order in this case and pay separately for it. You just have to press the “Additional Order” button next to the order at hand. After you handle the payment, these orders will be linked together and your writer will get a message about the needed extra pages. If you have troubles placing an additional order on your own, you can always rely on our customer support center for help.

I set an improper deadline for my paper. Now I would like to shorten it. Can I do that at your service?

You can modify the due date with the assistance of our customer care agents. You need to contact them and pay compensation for the deadline shortening. The agents will help you find out the difference between the old and the new deadlines, and you will pay for the difference.

What paper type should I pick when I cannot find the one I need on your list?

If you are not getting at what type of paper you need, you have to contact our customer care agents and they will aid you with that. It is possible to contact them via email or live chat. They will do their best to choose the order type that is most appropriate to your paper requirements.

Do you assure originality of writing? I want to be sure that my essay will be plagiarism-free.

Our agency guarantees authenticity of writing since all essays are scanned via anti-plagiarism software before they are uploaded to the system. Therefore, you can be certain that the paper will be adequately checked and that you will not infringe any academic integrity rules. Besides, when it comes to quality, orders are assigned to real experts in their field. So, whenever research has to be carried out, it will be done from zero according to personal demands. Additionally, our clients can check the delivered papers by our software – PlagiarismSearch. Note that such a checker as Turnitin is not used by our agency since it saves the scanned texts, which means they cannot be submitted twice.

Can I rely on confidentiality of your agency?

Our online custom writing agency guarantees confidentiality, so none of the information you share with us will ever be disclosed to the third parties. Without doubt none of your professors or group mates will ever get to know about your cooperation with our service.

Will my order be uploaded punctually?

We always ensure timely order delivery regardless of the paper complexity or urgency of the deadline. So, when placing the order, you are just expected to choose the most appropriate order delivery date. However, keep in mind that you need to set realistic and measurable deadlines.

Is it possible to discuss paper prices with your company?

If you want to purchase a paper at a cheaper rate, you can use some special offers, coupons or discounts. In other cases, prices are fixed and non-negotiable. In general, there are some peculiar criteria that affect the prices.

If I have questions, explanations or inquiries concerning my paper, can I talk to my writer and clarify all that?

We do not give our customers an opportunity to talk with writers on the phone whatsoever as we do not share any personal contact details, such as phone numbers. Still, what you can do is use our direct text messaging system for sending messages.

The order registration form keeps loading, but no progress — it just stays grey. What can I do if I cannot place an order with you?

As a rule, such glitches may be related to the files that you have been trying to attach. Sometimes, the problem is connected with the number of files you have uploaded (if there are too many). In the other cases, though, it depends on the size of the files. At times, it may be connected to the unsupported format of files. Anyway, it is better to send the files via email.

I am going to have an online exam. Its duration is more or less an hour, but I cannot find such deadline among the options. Can you help me place this order?

Please contact our customer care representatives if you are placing an online test order. They will help you clarify whether there are professionals available at the time when your exam takes place.

Can I ask for bonus credits if I have been informed that my order would be refunded? I would prefer them better than the refunded money.

Yes, it is possible. You have to inform us about your decision well beforehand. You will be able to use those credits for full or partial payment for your future orders. The bonus credits will be provided to you once your refund request is approved.

When will I get my completed paper?

When you register your order with our service, you are welcome to pick the required due date. As such, you are bound to receive the paper at around the deadline specified by you. As soon as the paper is uploaded to the website, you will receive an automatic email. You will be able to download your essay from the “Files” section in your personal account.

What paper type should be picked while I am registering my order?

If you are not getting at what order type is relevant to your specific case, contact our customer support agents for additional aid. They will investigate your instructions, analyze them, and then recommend you what paper type should be selected.

How can you ensure me that I will get a superior-quality paper that does not contain plagiarism?

Providing authentic content is one of our underlying goals. More so, our agency can definitely increase confidence in the service it provides due to professionals on our team. Our writers can boast their multiple qualifications and they hold Master’s and Ph.D. academic degrees, so no client will be left disappointed. When it comes to grading, we do not guarantee any scores since evaluation is far from being an objective process.

Can I get my order earlier than the due date?

Yes, just pay compensation, which will constitute the difference in the deadlines. Contact our live chat support agents and they will sort the things out.

Who will be working on my order?

If you are hesitant about the quality, be certain that our company’s administration agents choose only the best writers. All of them are real professionals with in-depth expertise, so your paper will be in safe hands.

Can I make sure if your writers can handle my academic writing assignment before placing the order?

You can forward us your instructions first and then we will notify you whether we have professionals who are able to cope with your task.

What are the main aspects to consider about your pricing policy?

When we determine the cost of different types of writing, we take into account multiple factors: writing type, word count, due date, complexity level, and others. You can get to know the total price via online calculator or you can ask one of our customer support workers to aid you in finding out the price.

How will you send the finished paper?

Your writer will complete the paper and upload it to the website. If you cannot log in to your personal profile for some reason, you can be sent the paper via email.

I have partly coped with my paper, but I am in the dead end with some parts. Can you write them for me?

Without a doubt, you can rely on our writers to do this task. Just forward us the instructions and the chapters of the paper you have managed. Our writers will happily deal with that.

What are your agency’s business hours?

Our company works every day 24/7, so you are free to register the order at any time that you need.

Are your writers able to cope with urgent assignments?

Yes, our writers can tackle immediate tasks without any troubles. Just provide us your instructions and specify the deadline. Nonetheless, keep in mind that the deadline should be realistic.

I would like a specific writer from my previous orders to work on my paper. How can I find them to ask about that?

You do not need to find the writer on your own. Just find the ID of the order that he/she completed for you and that you liked. In the order description, you will see the writer’s ID field, so insert the writer’s ID number into the current order registration field. This service costs additional 15% to the total order price, but it is a guarantee that a specific writer will be assigned.

Can I ask for revision if I require some adjustments to the paper?

Yes, you can opt for a free revision option or a paid one. The free option can be taken when you fit into the time limit of 48 hours after the deadline has ended. In this case, you cannot change initial order instructions and send only revision remarks on what should be modified or improved. The paid option can be chosen when the free time for revision has already expired and when you need to change the original instructions.

Does your service guarantee top grades for the essays and other papers I buy from you?

We never guarantee grades whereas we always assure you that the quality will be brilliant. There is a simple reason why we do not promise you any A’s — because we do not evaluate your writing and we cannot be responsible for your professor’s subjective evaluations.

Is there a chance to scan my paper for plagiarism at your service?

When you order the VIP plagiarism check service from our company, you are then granted an opportunity to get your papers tested for authenticity by our anti-plagiarism software for free within one year. Testimonials!

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