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How Can I Prepare a Writing Assignment?

All in all, students are supposed to prepare a great number of assignments in high school, college, and university. The types of the papers are rather different: research papers, book/movie reports, theses, dissertations, literature reviews, PowerPoint presentations, argumentative essays, critical reviews, annotated bibliographies, reflection/reaction papers, etc. For preparing any writing assignment, a student is supposed to not only conduct in-depth research but also be aware of the paper structure as well as the required formatting style.

Unfortunately, students do not have enough time for preparing certain writing projects. In addition, a key textbook may be missing. It should be noted that it is not always easy to find the required material in time. As a result, students are snowed under with numerous writing tasks with short deadlines. They start suffering from stress which considerably worsens the situation.


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What Steps Can be Taken to Prepare a Good Writing Assignment?

We suggest the following list of steps that can be taken to prepare a good writing project in time. If you use them, you will be able to finish everything much easier. Therefore, these are necessary steps to prepare assignment writing:

Topic Analysis

First of all, you should pick an arguable topic and consider what exactly will be discussed in your paper. It is crucially important that you understand all the possible dimensions of your writing assignment.


You should use this method to clarify how many aspects the given topic has. It will help you systematize everything that you know about the issue. You can make a list and right down all the ideas that appear. You can ask questions: what, when, why, where, and how. Brainstorming is a key that will help you understand what information is missing and which points should be studied carefully.

Arise Questions

The next step after brainstorming is to develop questions that will be considered in the writing assignment. There are two possible ways. The first one is connected with evidence and statistical data that should be analyzed. The second one relates to investigating the connections between all the aspects of the discussed topic.


You should find as many facts connected with you topic as possible. You do not have to use all of them, but you can choose those that are more valid. You can use the Internet or college/university libraries. Make sure that you choose the sources that are appropriate and sophisticated. Try to use sources that are not older than 10-15 years.

Examine Closely

Look through the gathered material once again. Make sure that the raised issues are valid. Systemize everything and form quality opinion about all the argued points.

Make Notes for the Paper

The chosen research question can be used as the headline. You can list all the facts that relate to a certain question under the relevant headline.

Systematize Your Writing

The effectiveness of your writing can be improved if you systematize everything and make a plan. It will help you avoid editing after all. You can create a concept map as well. It can also save your time in future.

Structure the Paper

A concept map can be used as a guide. For example, you can decide what idea is going to be discussed in each paragraph. Try to divide your writing into chapters. Do not forget that each paper should be properly structured, i. e. include introduction, main body, and conclusion.


The last step is to proofread the paper and make all the necessary corrections where needed. Make sure that all the points are discussed and there is consistent transitions between paragraphs. What is more, delete colloquialisms and avoid first-person use. The tone and voice of the paper should be academic and appropriate.

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What Types of Papers Am I Supposed to Prepare?

Each type of paper has its own features and structure. The following writing assignments are a few of those you will be asked to prepare in college and university:

  • Research Paper is an essay or report that is based on the research of a specific issue or subject. It should be divided into sections and rely on primary and secondary sources.

  • Annotated Bibliography should consist of three main parts, namely summary, evaluation, and reflection. Evaluation should cover the question, “Is the given source reliable and useful?”

  • Reflective Journal relates to your understanding of a certain point. You should write about your own reflection and base on your experience only.

  • Critical Review includes critiques and evaluation of the data. Examples and evidence are of cardinal importance in this type of paper.

  • Case Study relates to a certain situation. The paper should include positive and negative aspects of the discussed event. What is more, the recommendations are required.

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