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Preparing a paper can become a real nightmare if writing is not your forte. Nevertheless, we guarantee that you will manage to impress your professor with a superior academic essay. All you need is practice!

The Science of Preparing an Essay

The specific steps provided below will help you prepare a structurally sound and well-organized writing assignment. We are going to consider the vital aspects of a quality piece of writing, i. e. topic, transitions, coherence, structure, grammar, etc.


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  1. Select a Topic: If your professor has already provided you with a topic, it means that you do not have to choose it by yourself which is good news. However, if you have to choose it by yourself, you should be very careful. The main thing is that your topic should be arguable, as every paragraph should include supporting information and the latter cannot be repeated. That is why it would be better to choose a topic with a broad context as you would have to divide it into three or four sub-topics.

  2. Understand the Aim of the Paper: Firstly, you should answer the question, “What is the purpose of your writing project?” The reason is that, according to its aim, you can develop a thesis statement. You should decide whether your thesis is going to be argumentative or expository one. Are you going to inform a reader about some specific issue? Are you going to support some argument?

  3. Brainstorming: This method is very useful as it helps identify all the ideas and thoughts that you have about a certain topic. You can combine them and delete those ideas that seem less important. Try to pick three or four subtopics that are going to be analyzed in the paper.

  4. Write an Outline: You should start with the most relevant subtopic. The latter should appear in descending order of importance. An outline will help you systemize all the points. It is an inevitable part of every assignment no matter its length. What is more, a good structure will assist in generating a clear topic sentence that should appear at the beginning of each paragraph.

  5. Prepare a Rough Draft: You should start by preparing a main body. The next step is to prepare introductory and concluding sections. Make sure that each paragraph includes a clear topic sentence and cover one subtopic. What is more, you should ensure a trong flow and consistent transition between paragraphs. The paper should exhibit clear organization with an identifiable introduction, main body, and conclusion. In addition, you should not write too long sentences, as wordiness is not a good choice. You can try to separate long sentences and make two or three shorter ones.

  6. Introduction Should Capture the Attention of a Reader: Your introduction should start with the overall information on the discussed topic or issue. It would be better to add an anecdote or a shocking fact for the reader to be interested in your topic. Your introduction should include a strong thesis statement as well.

  7. Conclusion: In this section, you should summarize the major points that are provided in the main body. No new ideas should be introduced in the conclusion. That is why you should not use quotations here. In addition, add the restatement of a thesis statement.

  8. Proofread Your Paper: Every paper must be edited before submission. You should thoroughly review your assignment if your aim is to get a high mark for it. At first, you are supposed to read it and ensure coherency. Make sure that the flow is cohesive and transitions between the sentences and paragraphs are smooth. Do you have an appropriate number of sentences that provide supporting information to the topic of your assignment? Are your sources appropriate and sophisticated? Do your examples logically support the claim made in the thesis? The next step is to review all the grammatical flaws. In case you are not sure whether certain phrases or points are correct, you can turn to your friend or relative for help.

  9. Formatting and Style: If you are asked to use certain format and style, all you need to do is find an appropriate tutorial and stick to it.

Useful Tips on How to Write an Excellent Paper

The list of tips provided below can be very helpful if you need to prepare a firs-rate piece of writing. Do not hesitate to use them! You can even find your own methods that can help you make your writing assignment outstanding.

  • Find authentic method for expressing an opinion, idea, or facts;

  • Figurative language and analogy can make your paper more interesting for perception;

  • Use anecdote, sarcasm, joke, and irony where appropriate;

  • Use descriptive words as they attract the attention of a reader;

  • The language should be sophisticated.

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