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Category: Economics

Marine Biodiversity Conservation within the Framework of Impure Public Goods

Globalization and the permanent revolution of information technologies transform the environmental security of marine ecosystems into the complicate n...

The Development of the Eurasian Economic Union

Although the historians tend to call this world global, it is still largely divided based on economic and political principles. As countries react to ...

Monetary Policies, International Finance, and Exchange Rate

Question 1: Monetary Policy I An increase in the demand for bank reserves from the banks would give rise to the issuance of the former to the comm...

Demand and Supply in a Product Market

Demand and supply are the fundamental backbones of the market economy. Demand is defined as the quantity of product desired by consumers. On the other...

Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations are the essential structures in the society. The importance of the institutions is paramount for the development of the commu...

Sub-prime Crisis

Introduction In2000, Phil Gramm, a senator from Texas, entered the senate and made an argument concerning the importance of deregulating certain fin...

Development Theories: Dependency and Neoliberalism Theories

Introduction The market is a major determinant factor of the economic progress of a country. A favorable market policy will boost trade and thereby ...
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