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Category: Healthcare

Benchmark – Qualitative Research Critique

Problem Statement The article in question, “Pressure Ulcers in Intensive Care Patients: A Review of Risks and Prevention” by Keller, Willie, Ramshorst and Werken (2002)…

Healthcare Information Management

The medical industry has become tightly connected with the informational technologies, as within the current evolving and dynamic times the possibilities and benefits that informational…

Health and Medicine

Advantages Longevity: While considering the advantages of the modern medicine, what comes to mind is the possibility to increase the life duration. This is the…

Case Study: Changing Times

Introduction Considering the fact that there are many diseases and health problems, it is necessary for physicians to be knowledgeable in the normative and non-normative…

Cleveland Clinic Growth Strategy

Question One The Cleveland Clinic’s overall strategy is to create a single standard for patient safety, quality and experience. The components of the strategy include…
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