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The Hottest Argumentative Essay Topics with

Topics of Argumentative Essays and Their Types

Argumentative Essay

If your task is to prepare an argumentative essay, you should be aware of the fact that the cornerstone of such type of paper is its topic. The reason is that a good topic is supposed to have strong points to argue on. That is why, we have prepared the list of the tips that can be very useful if you decide to prepare an argumentative essay.

  • The topics that can be used in the mentioned type of paper should be very specific and succinct. In other words, you should not use a general topic, as it should include certain opinion on the subject that is going to be discussed. For example, a topic such as “smoking marijuana should be forbidden” is a good one. It is obvious that you are going to discuss an argument that marijuana should be forbidden and why or why not. What is more, the writing assignment is going to be based on this topic only.

  • Obviously, the topic, as the word suggests, should be argumentative. It is supposed to include a strong point or points, which will be supported by the writer. The argumentative essays should include valid and convincing evidence that will prove an argument.

  • The topic must be based on the strong points. The reasons and evidence that you will provide in the paper should be strong enough to make a reader change his or her mind on the discussed issue.

  • Make sure that the chosen argument is arguable. You should check whether there are enough facts that prove your point of view. It would be better if you find appropriate policy, value, cause, etc.

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The Samples of the Hottest Argumentative Essay Topics Related to Education

  • What benefit will you have of college and university studies?

  • Does a uniform have impact on success in high school?

  • Is tutoring students necessary in the private colleges?

  • Is the improved technology crucial in education sector?

  • Is free university education of great value to a student?

  • Is online education as effective as traditional one?

  • Does education in the United States differ significantly from the one in the African countries?

  • What makes students from Africa choose to study abroad?

  • Are the elderly interested in education?

The Samples of Argumentative Essay Topics Related to Social Issues

  • Should young girls take part in the model contest?

  • Should smoking marijuana be forbidden?

  • Which steps should be taken to prevent rape?

  • Can abortion be legalized with a certain age?

  • Can one adapt a homeless child?

  • Can a divorce make the life of a couple better?

  • Is family a part of your life?

  • Can boys take part in beauty contests?

  • Are drugs of benefit to a body?

  • Is witchcraft encouraged in your community?

  • Should a young girl have a date?

  • At what age should teens start dating?

  • Can gay couples be allowed to marry?

  • What are the risks of a single-sex education?



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The Samples of Argumentative Essay Topics Related to War and Military

  • Are wars inevitable?

  • Does war unite society?

  • Does war bring disorder in the counties?

  • Is war an integral part of every society?

  • Can war be justified?

  • Does a fighting result in vengeance?

  • What is the main cause of the war?

  • How can a peace be kept?

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The Samples of Argumentative Essay Topics Related to Technology

  • Can mobile phones benefit humankind?

  • Should the computers be used at the lower school level?

  • Are interpersonal skills reduced because of the mobile phones?

  • Does video game cause destructions?

  • Are mobile phones dangerous for a public?

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