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Essay Writing Tips for Excellent Grades

Students have to understand that writing an essay should not be done during the last hours before submission, which usually results in a sleepless night and a failing grade due to a number of mistakes and poor content.

Information presented below can be very useful if you strive to write an essay on your own and get the best grade in your class.


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The Best Writing Tips for Students of All Levels

  • If you have already got your writing task, be positive that you understand what the professor or teacher expects you to do. Usually students have a syllabus, so be sure to read it carefully. You have to comprehend the key information from it and understand which type of writing task you were given and what is the purpose of your future research (if applicable). For instance, if your task is to compare two characters from the play you watched during the group trip to the theater, you should concentrate merely on writing about similarities. However, if your professor requires you to compare and contrast their characters, you have to focus on differences as well. Usually students get the task with the key words “define,” “compare,” “analyze,” “evaluate,” “discuss,” etc. It means that your essay writing should have a clear purpose depending on the task, and you have to understand it prior to writing the essay. If the assignment was given in class, do not hesitate to clarify any points you do not understand. Your professor will see that you are indeed interested in getting a good grade by asking questions. Any additional comments from your professors will increase the chances of getting the perfect grade.
  • Comprehend the requirements for further research or even the lack of instructions. For instance, if you have to compare two characters from the play, the only sources can be the plays themselves. However, you professor might require you to conduct research about what others say about your topic. If you have to carry out research, do not think that you will have to spend all your free time in libraries searching for the needed information. You can make a very fast Google search and gather all appropriate sources. Nowadays almost all required sources can be found online, which makes the process of doing research easier. Whenever you utilize any source within your text, either include a direct quote or paraphrase research ideas, you have to provide reference not to be blamed for plagiarism. However, if your research has to be deep enough, do not waste your time! Time management is an essential factor for academic writing. You have to create a schedule that will entail information on what will be done each day. Whenever research is required, you have to clarify whether there are any limitations for the sources you use – online or printed and their quantity. Google search is the most useful tool to find sources according to your academic level.
  • One of the crucial rules you have to follow while doing research is to write down all sources and number of pages from which you have taken direct quotes from. It might take too much time to go back and find the same page numbers if you have already written your essay.
  • Do not underestimate the importance of creating an outline, which serves as a guideline and makes you arrange all your ideas logically. For sure, you are not obliged to create a formal outline with all possible subheadings, but some sketchers or a chart will indeed positively influence your essay writing.
  • You have to create some categories of ideas to understand which ideas are the most and the least important. Organize all your ideas in a sequence in which they will be presented in the essay.
  • Establish the question you will cover and create a thesis statement. It is indeed important to make sure that all your categories with ideas are in close interdependence with the thesis.
  • You have to comprehend how many paragraphs you essay will include. Some professors ask their students to create main body paragraphs and then proceed with writing an introduction and conclusion. The idea behind such requirements is when you have the backbone of your paper, you can create the thesis statement, introduction and then restate it in conclusion. In such a way, your paper will contain all relative parts.
  • Create an introduction. The purpose of this paragraph is to introduce the topic and reflect your thesis statement that can easily be comprehended by your reader. Every introduction should contain a “hook” or a catchy idea that will impress the reader and make him/her read your essay further.
  • Create a concluding paragraph. The purpose of this paragraph is to summarize the key arguments presented in the main body. The reader must clearly understand what the writer wanted to achieve – inform or persuade him/her to accept a certain standpoint. Moreover, you can also utilize a metaphor, anecdote or any other catchy idea to make your essay memorable.
  • Our essay writing tips also suggest the importance of editing and revising your draft to make sure that you did not include the irrelevant ideas and the paper is error-free. Reading your essay a couple of times will help you understand whether all requirements were followed and the structure of the paper is clear. Do not get depressed if you have found many mistakes. The more mistakes you correct in your essay, the higher chances to get favorable feedback from your professor.

Do not hesitate to use our essay writing tips if you think that you are able to complete your essay tasks without external assistance. However, if you lack time and do not understand the instructions given by your professor, let take care of your paper and grades!

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