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Each writing assignment is an opportunity to show one’s own skills and ability to catch attention of the reader. The length of the piece of writing does not influence its ability to intrigue readers. The point that you want to argue in the paper as well as its order and organization are the cornerstones of every successful writing project. Your main task is to choose an argument and develop it.

It is obvious that a 5 paragraph paper should consist of the following five elements: introduction paragraph, three body paragraphs, and conclusion paragraph.


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Writing a 5 Paragraph Essay

  • Introductory section

The first paragraph includes 3-5 sentences. Here, you should capture the attention of the reader and make him or her continue reading. First of all, you have to provide brief information about the main topic that is discussed in the assignment. The topic should be focused, well-defined, and properly supported. You need to add a strong and succinct thesis statement and a small outline. As usually, a thesis statement appears at the end of the paragraph. There are different types of theses, i. e. argumentative, informative, etc. All in all, a good thesis should address the question or questions posed in the assignment.

  • The first paragraph of the body

The first paragraph should include a sound argument and strong illustrations. You have to provide valuable evidence that must logically support the claim in the thesis statement. Do not forget that transitional sentences are very necessary as they help the reader understand the main point. Each paragraph has to begin with a clear topic sentence. Try to stick to the topic sentence and avoid mixing up of ideas in one paragraph .The last sentence should help make a smooth and consistent transition to the next paragraph.

  • Second paragraph

The second paragraph should include the second strongest argument of the chosen claim. Examples are an inevitable part of this paragraph. You can use illustrations as well, but do not forget to cite them properly. This paragraph as well as the second one has to relate to the thesis statement indicated in the introductory paragraph. Do not forget that a strong flow and consistent transitions are needed in every paragraph.

  • Third paragraph

This paragraph should include the weakest arguments and evidence. The weakest examples and illustrations are indicated here. A clear topic sentence is also required at the beginning of this paragraph. A thesis statement should be also supported.

  • Concluding paragraph

The last paragraph of the paper should consist of the following:

  • A short summary of the 3 main arguments indicated before;

  • A restatement of the thesis;

  • A concluding sentence.

If your task is to prepare a five-paragraph essay, the tutorial above will help you structure the paper properly. You should choose an argument and develop it, but do not forget about a thesis statement, flow, transitions, examples, illustrations, and evidence. What is more, you have to use only appropriate and sophisticated sources. In addition, the paper should have an appropriate academic voice and tone. It means that colloquialisms and first-person use are forbidden.



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We have prepared a sample diagram that can be very helpful as it can ease the writing process.

1. Introduction

The introduction should contain an opening sentence. The latter can include quotation, anecdote, or generalization. What is more, you should add a strong thesis statement that addresses the question that is posed in the paper. Opening

  • A catchy topic sentence
  • Quotation and/or joke
  • Generalization

Thesis Statement. The thesis should expose or inform the reader about a specific topic or issue. It should also include an argument that is going to be supported in the paper. In addition, a thesis should be debatable. The components of the thesis are the following:

  • Topic/subject
  • Writer’s opinion on the subject
  • Evidence that prove the opinion

2. Body Paragraph 1

This paragraph should have the strongest illustrations, arguments, and examples.

  • Topic sentence
  • Clarification
  • Evidence A
  • Clarification
  • Evidence B
  • Explanation
  • Conclusion

3. Body Paragraph 2

This paragraph contains less strong arguments and evidence as well as examples and illustrations.

  • Topic sentence
  • Clarification
  • Facts C
  • Explanation
  • Evidence D
  • Explanation
  • Conclusion

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4. Body Paragraph 3

This paragraph should include the weakest arguments and examples.

  • Topic sentence
  • Explanation
  • Fact E
  • Clarification
  • Evidence G
  • Explanation
  • Conclusion

5. Conclusion

Here, one should clearly summarize all the major points that were discussed in the writing assignment using smooth transitions. What is more, you need to restate your thesis statement here. You should not introduce new ideas in the conclusion section. That is why direct or indirect quotations should not appear here.

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