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Guns Allowed in Schools

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The narrowed topic of the paper is “Guns in School. An Intimate Glimpse.” I would like to concentrate on two sides of the problem discovered from the teachers’ and the students’ points of view. I believe their viewpoints on the issue differ. At the same time, they would like to stop the shooting and never hear again about children and adults being shot inside their schools.

The primary audience of the paper is students. They are the main participants of all processes that happen in the schools, including educational and interpersonal. Thus, in this assignment I would like to address students and try to convince them not to take weapons to their schools as guns are not toys and could be dangerous.

My point is that most of the deaths involving weapons could be easily avoided if children and the teenagers were not allowed to take guns and if they were aware of its danger. The mentioned above points concern only the children under a particular age, who see the loaded guns as toys or something that cannot hurt. In terms of the teenagers, who bring the weapons to a school consciously, my point is that the school administration, together with the governors and parents, should make all possible efforts to prevent or prohibit  guns to appear on the school grounds.


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The following topic sentences will be used as a foundation of the communication:

  • A weapon in school is dangerous no matter who is holding it, a student or a teacher.
  • A gun is not a toy.
  • The legislation should prevent the usage of any weapon by children.
  • The administration should do their best in terms of the prohibitions of bringing weapons to all the schools and the other higher educational establishments.

It has become a common thing to hear gunshots in the schools. Who cares if they are accidental or not if children are killed? If adults do not commit to any actions in terms of preventing guns in schools, the teenagers will continue dying at the very beginning of their lives. A gun is not a toy! This slogan should be on the tongues of all people, and not necessarily those who are involved in the educational process. A weapon in a school is dangerous no matter who is holding it. Children happen to injure or kill their classmates with the weapons they bring to their school. How do they manage to bring the weapon inside? The administration should do its best to prevent anybody from bringing the weapon both to the schools and the other higher educational establishments. Unfortunately, it is not always possible for a school administration to control a teenager, a teacher or an adult in their attempts to carry guns on the school grounds. There should be laws that ban carrying the firearms openly by both students and teachers. At the same time, a number of states have already allowed adults to take loaded weapon to school. “The policy that would protect” is sure to provoke a list of various problems associated with the faculty members and the guns. The situation goes beyond basic safety concerns and distracts from the ways of curbing violence in schools before it begins.

To conclude, children know little about the weapons and how dangerous they can be. In case with children, it is up to the parents and the educators to acknowledge them about the dangers the children are exposed to if they happen to hold a loaded weapon. Additionally, the teachers should always remember that their primary goal is to educate students about how to avoid violence instead of appealing to the issue every time they have some difficulties.

Guns Allowed in Schools

The teachers and the students with guns is an outrageous idea, is it not? Not anymore. The statistics show an increase of the incidents involving guns in both the schools and the other higher educational establishments (Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, 2012). The vast majority of them are claimed to be accidents. Jamel Gauthier, a student of an Upper West Side high school, took a gun to school to show it to her classmates (The Associated Press, 1989). The 25-caliber Titan accidentally discharged. As a result,  a 16-year-old student – Monique Hines – was wounded. Luckily, the other students were not injured. This accident was not the first one in the history of the gunshots at school. Unfortunately, it will not be the last occurrence in the list of the weapon-involved school situations. As reported by the Huffington Post (2014), a 13-year-old Lourdes Guzman, a student of the Redland Middle School, died shortly after she was shot on a school bus by her classmate, who decided to bring a handgun to school. This was a tragedy for Lourdes’ little sister, who was riding the same bus and watching her sister die. How many more children should die for the adults to understand that something must be done to solve the problem of weapon in schools?

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The Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting is considered to be the deadliest incident of a mass shooting at a high school of the United States. It happened on December 14, 2012. In the result of the massacre, committed by 20-year-old Adam Lanza, twenty children and six adult school employees were fatally shot (CNN Library, 2013). The police report on the occasion concluded that the shooting was planned. However, no evidence was collected on why the teenager committed the crime. It should be mentioned that the shooting incident renewed the debate on gun control in the United States of America. At the same time, none of the proposals was supported at the national level. The question remains to be answered. Could the educators and parents in cooperation with the governors change the terrifying situation with the children being killed by other children in the schools? Alternatively, will the legislation, allowing weapon in school, correct or compound matters on the issue.

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