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French and Indian War

Free «French and Indian War» Essay Sample

The French and Indian War stretched over a period of 10 years (1754-1763) (Anderson 25-35). The tussling nations participating in the War were the Great Britain and France. Their dispute concerned borders and the possession of North America. During the time of commencement of the War, France and Britain controlled a huge stake of the land in New World (Anderson 25-35). The War included battles and conflicts that affected the French and British colonies in Canada and Louisiana (Anderson 25-35). Despite the involvement of the European powers, the War took place on American soil. Consequently, the Indians played a significant role in these conflicts. The French and Indian War led to a number of outcomes such as Pontiac War, unification of colonists, dissatisfaction among the citizens, and the American Revolution.

First, the French and Indian War had a disastrous impact on the Native tribes of America. In particular, the Pontiac rebellion was reflective of the level of dissatisfaction among Natives who detested the British postwar policies (Anderson 25-35). Fighters from various tribes joined the rebellion in a bid to flush out the British soldiers and other settlers from the region. Amherst, the British general at the time oversaw the administration of the fur trade policy. In Amherst’s thinking, with the elimination of France, Native Americans would have been forced to obey British rule. Such views and the contempt demonstrated against the Native tribes forced the latter to unite against the British colonists.


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Moreover, in any war, loss of life is a logical development. Hence, some people lost life because of the feud. Estimates show that about four hundred British soldiers were killed (Anderson 25-35). Similarly, two thousand settlers were killed while many others fled their homes. It is also worth noting that although the Native Americans failed to drive away the British colonists, the latter did not manage to conquer the former. As a result, the Natives scored against the British given that they stopped the enactment of the regressive Amherst’s policies.

The war also culminated in the development of economic, political, and social relations between France, Britain, and Spain. On the economic front, the subdivision of the portions of land of New World was witnessed (Anderson 25-35). Initially, Britain had 13 colonies under its arms while France’s expanses extended from Louisiana through the Great Lakes of Canada, a region where they set up trading posts. The victory in the War presupposed the expansion of the British Empire. Politically, Britain emerged as the outright victor through the signing of the Treaty of Paris (Anderson 25-35). In 1760, Marquis offered Montreal and the whole Canada to Britain. The developments depicted the British dominance. England won the war, and as part of the settlement, France ceded control of North America.

Because British soldiers received little help from colonists, the Britain Empire decided to reorganize colonies and place the central government in London, which resulted in another adverse impact. In particular, the colonists rejected the monarchic form of leadership of the British Empire, thus straining their relationship further. Colonists were also opposed taxes imposed by the British Empire. One of the most significant effects was that after two years following the war, the American  Revolution took place, leading to the realization of the US independence.

In can be concluded that the French and Indian War influenced the American history and adversely affected the participants. For instance, it united the Natives against the colonists and gave them an indication that with concerted efforts it was possible to overcome them. Some of the outcomes of the wrangling also included high death rates, Pontiac War, unification, dissatisfaction among citizens, and the American Revolution.

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