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Café Majic Strategic Plan

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Café Majic is an upscale café and restaurant equipped with a lounge and bar. The purpose of Café Majic is to offer customers the experience of ordering food from electronic menus attached to the table versus a physical list. Café Majic also gives its patrons the experience of having their food served directly to them via an electronic shooter. Café Majic will provide its patrons with a private dining experience and unique and enjoyable time without interruption of a waiter.

Café Majic is an up and coming restaurant with hopes of changing the way people view dining out at restaurants. Providing patrons with quality reasonably priced food and a unique dining experience the café offers them a service impossible at other restaurants. Our intent is to establish conceivable business potentials and eliminate any questions about the success of our restaurant. We have based costs on the restaurant industry and practical experience with similar restaurants. Our customers’ unique experience begins when they stay in the waiting area. For those ordering from the electronic menu, tutorials are available to show how to use and navigate the menu. For customers that are unsure of which option they prefer, it is possible to be seated at a table with the electronic menu and a traditional menu at hand. Blending high-quality food and an upscale restaurant with a twist of technology, Café Majic is sure to give its customers a unique and exciting dining experience (National Restaurant Association, 2013).


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Our business concept originated from a thorough market analysis on what consumers are looking for in a new restaurant. Rather than creating a business around a defined notion, we analyzed the market findings and built a concept based on consumers’ needs in the area. Café Majic is built to service unmet needs of its customers.  Café Majic will reach the targeted market through social media and other media outlets. Promotions, discounts, and VIP listings will be used as enticements for current patrons to spread the word about Café Majic. The marketing plan will entail the market research conducted for this marketing plan as well as detailed financial information. The marketing plan will also show all of the structures and attributes that set our restaurant apart from those of our competitors. The definitive objective for Café Majic is to provide its patrons with quality exquisite foods and a unique experience of ordering from an electronic menu versus traditional menu (Mangold & Faulds, 2009).

Dining at Café Majic will leave a lasting impression on patrons. Patrons order their food not leaving their tables without waiters’ interruption. Through the use of the etched menu, patrons will have the option to customize their food by clicking on pictures. The patrons will have the experience of having their food delivered to the table through an electronic shooter. When patrons place their order, it is electronically transferred to the chef and the menu will flip over. Once the food has been prepared and ready to be sent to the table, the menu will flip over alerting the patron the food is prepared and served. Patron’s food is served via a compartment in the table.  Meals will be served through the automatic shooter. Patrons will also have the option to order a dessert via the electronic menu before requesting their bill (Allen & Seaman, 2007).

Café Majic capabilities will reach beyond the customers that are being served inside of the restaurant. If a patron chooses to, they will have the option to post their comments and rate the service of Café Majic via the blog and website. Patrons will directly communicate with the manager if they have a complaint or positive remark about their experience at Café Majic. Information collected from the customers’ reviews will be used to make improvements if needed.

Core Competencies

One of the core competencies of Café Majic is using technology to be a rousing restaurant combined with the ambience of an upscale restaurant with unique service and excellent food. Customer satisfaction while serving great food is our primary focus and vital objective. Café Majic’s notion combines a variety of foods, intimate settings, and professional staff in order to reach our goal of overall value in the dining/entertainment experience. Café Majic will be the restaurant that caters for all groups of people: mature and adult, couples and singles, young and old, male or female. Curiosity will first attract customers to come through the door and try the restaurant. However, it is the unique experience and superb food that will make patrons return and attract new customers.

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Additionally, one more core competency of Café Majic is to offer patrons a unique atmosphere of a restaurant that provides technological type of service, currently not available in other restaurants. Patrons are accustomed to traditional restaurant with waiters whereas at Café Majic you have an option to be served by a waiter or without one. An additional strength of Café Majic is the use of credit card security. Patrons can pay their bill sitting at the table. In a traditional restaurant, the card is handed to the waiter, and he or she walks away to swipe it. Patrons have a sense of security that no one can steal his or her credit card information as they handle the card themselves. No other restaurant offers this option (American Express Restaurant Resources, 2011).

Moreover, the electronic menu for Café Majic will be used for any amenities offered at the restaurant. Patrons will have the ability to order food and customize it to their taste using the menu. Patrons can visit our website where they can sign up for our exclusive VIP list. From the electronic menu they can make future reservations and plan events. The electronic menu will also allow patrons to read reviews from previous patrons and add comments. One of the most exclusive features of the electronic menu is the ability to chat with other patrons inside the restaurant.

In addition, other competencies of Café Majic are the patrons’ ability to customize their food based on ingredients used and calorie counting.  Patrons that choose a particular type of dish but have certain dietary restrictions can still order that meal but customize it according to their restrictions. Patrons enjoy all meals served at Café Majic and are not restricted to a limited amount of options as seen in traditional restaurants. The menus will also show all ingredients in the dishes, the calories, as well as nutrition facts.

Furthermore, the needs and benefits sought out from the restaurant market are to build the strength of the company based on the needs of our target market. Patrons expect that restaurants will be up to date with the latest trends and technology Taking into account the use of tablets and iPads, we believe that our customers are able to locate the restaurant from all mobile devices. Café Majic’s website will be mobile allowing the customers access from any device.  In addition, other needs including visual effects will be activated. The features of Café Majic are what offer to our customers. There are restaurants that offer electronic ordering through the use of electronic devices (iPads), but none of them offers the option of food delivery through the electronic shooter. The design of Café Majic is also a feature that sets up apart from other restaurants. Our research has shown that the décor of a restaurant, lightning and table settings and bar area are the features patrons consider when they are looking for a place to dine.  When a patron enters our café, they are presented with the notion of what Café Majic is about. For patrons in the sitting area waiting to be seated, there is a “how to” guide on how to utilize the services offered at Café Majic.

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Industry Dynamic

The major competitors of Café Majic would be local traditional restaurants with waiters, fast food restaurants, for example McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, and restaurants that offer delivery services. Many of these franchises are billion dollar corporations that have reached their targeted audience and established their client base. These large corporations have an enormous advantage over Café Majic as they have established Facebook and Twitter accounts with millions of followers. The competitors also have the options of ordering via their websites and mobile applications. The latest trend of the competitors is the use of mobile applications that allow customers to order via their cell phones and other mobile devices (Choi, Hwang, & Park, 2009).

Opening a new restaurant with a unique service can be challenging when there are other restaurants in the industry with well-known reputations. The experience of ordering and customizing your food is a sure way to make customers return and spread the word.  Café Majic offers its patrons a sensorial experience that no other restaurant does. The sole purpose of Café Majic is to provide its patrons with the unique dining experience that the competitor does not have. If patrons feel the unique experience of having the ability to dine out without a waiter provides better service than that of the local competitor, Café Majic has the potential to be a great success. The notion of Café Majic is to give its patrons a dining experience they cannot have at any other restaurant. The electronic menu offers patrons the ability to review all of the meals, compare the meals side by side, and consider the ingredients and dietary information. The electronic menu also allows patrons to send questions to the chef should they have any about their choice selection before placing their order. Café Majic will also allow patrons to read the reviews left by previous customers on the specific meal they are ordering (Choi, Hwang, & Park, 2009).

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Technology Sourcing and Internal Innovation

One of the problems that Café Majic solves is to provide its patrons with a quiet intimate setting to enjoy the meal with minimal interruptions. Some patrons become irritated when waiters constantly interrupt their meal to question if they need anything or giving a hint that the patron is taking too long to order. Café Majic provides patrons with an intimate setting they are looking for when they are dining out. Café Majic also solves the problem if the restaurant is booked and a waiter is not readily available. Should the patron need something, he can request it directly from the kitchen using the electronic menu. Technology solves the issue of disgruntled and dissatisfied customers (Mangold & Faulds, 2009).

In addition, the key internal innovation from Café Majic is the relaxing atmosphere it offers. Café Majic caters for all groups of patrons whether it is an intimate setting for two or a party of 20. Café Majic has separate rooms available for special occasions such as parties, banquets, and family reunions. If patrons are on the go and do not have time to dine in, there is a lounge area equipped with a bar where they can order their food and relax waiting for their order. Those patrons will have access to the same type of service as those ordering from the dining table. Café Majic’s website and social media pages will be launched one month prior to the opening. This will give the public the chance to see what Café Majic is all about and what we offer. The customers will also be able to watch the stages and progress of Café Majic on our website. One week before the grand opening of Café Majic we will have a taste testing for the public. Certain people will be invited there. Patrons will be selected from those who signed up for our VIP list while Café Majic was being built. Local celebrities will also be invited to the pre-grand opening. This decision is made in the hope of attracting patrons to the grand opening of Café Majic (Whitehouse, 2010).

To become successful it is also important to know and fulfill all legal obligations. It is recommended to speak with a tax attorney or hire a CPA to keep and control the account books and pay any financial obligations. Serving quality reasonably priced food to attract and keep customers is another key to success. When patrons dine out, they are looking for a product or service that caters for their needs. Café Majic is an upscale restaurant whose goal is to provide our patrons with exceptional service and top quality food (National Restaurant Association, 2013).

Nonetheless, opening a restaurant faces many issues that entrepreneurs in other industries do not face. In the restaurant industry gaining good reputation and attracting patrons prove to be difficult. You have to produce a market plan that will attract the attention of patrons and get them to patronize your restaurant. The use of the Internet, email, word of mouth, and social networks are excellent ways to overcome these obstacles. Many companies and businesses have taken to the use of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to attract patrons. There are chances that many of the patrons dining at Café Majic have one of the three accounts. If the food and service are excellent, they are most likely to spread the word to business associates, friends, and relatives (Buchanan, 2009).



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Furthermore, other ways of maintaining and promoting internal innovation are the use of billboards, commercials on both the radio and television, and newspaper ads. The use of radio commercials is an excellent way to advertize as many commuters listen to the radio on their way to work. Advertising on web pages such as Yahoo and Google will help to reach a larger segment of the targeted audience. Providing coupons and discounts through the advertisement is an excellent way to establish a solid consumer base.

Product Development Strategy

In order to achieve success in Café Majic business, the café will employ the following product development strategies.

Time to Market

Café Majic will use the time to market strategy that comprises orientation to acquiring products that will market at faster rate. This strategy involves rapidly changing products or technology with rapidly changing style. The plan will typically lead to trade-offs between enhancing cost, reliability and product performance. This technology development will employ an independent technique of product technologies and development inserted in the modular foundation often with frequent product promotions to make this plan function (Choi, Hwang, & Park, 2009).

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Low Product Cost

The café will also use this orientation developing the lowest costs and the highest quality of products. Since the café employs commodity type of products, foodstuffs reach the mature stage in their life cycle. This orientation classically needs costs and additional time to optimize the manufacturing process.

Low Development Cost

This orientation will focus on reducing the development cost or the developing products in a reduced budget. Whilst this alignment is not as joint as other orientations, it happens when the café develops products under agreement with other parties, where companies has severely inhibited financial resources or when stealth development exertions are carried out on a shoestring. The orientation is rather similar with the time-to-market strategy. Nonetheless, it involves trade-offs between product innovation, performance, reliability and cost.

Strategy to Protect Innovations

This is a strategy to protect innovation for Café Majic. Café Majic is an upscale café and restaurant equipped with a lounge and bar. The purpose of the strategy is to ensure that the technology employed at the café is secure and serves the purpose intended. One strategy will be to provide patrons with a private dining experience and unique and enjoyable time without waiters’ interruption. In this case, therefore, Café Majic will secure enough funds to support the technology. Technicians will be on standby in order to correct any mechanical failure.

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Café Majic is a technology based restaurant, offering its patrons options of the electronic menu or traditional menu with a waiter. Patrons will not feel as if our restaurant only caters for those who are technologically sufficient. Although the premise behind Café Majic is to order your food electronically, those wanting the traditional feel still can use the regular menu and a waiter’s service. The use of electronic menus at Café Majic offers many amenities not offered at other restaurants. Café Majic’s electronic menu allows customers to preview their food before selecting, alter ingredients to their taste, and pay for meals directly from the table.

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