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Intrapreneurship Plan

Free «Intrapreneurship Plan» Essay Sample


Stiff competition in the market has raised customer awareness on the quality of services and products offered by companies. Since the companies are in unceasing struggle for the same clients, they aim at producing products that will attract the customers in a bid to retain them for longer (Park, Kim, & Krishna, 2014). Therefore, there is a need for companies to engage in the activities that will improve the current services and products offered or help clients to solve the urgent problems more efficiently. Intrapreneurship provides an avenue for businesses to introduce novel products that will entice customers. The practice entails workers of a small or big organization being facilitated by the management to pursue the individual goals which will result in the innovative solutions by their respective companies (Schneider, 2013). This plan will discuss the ways of improving efficiency within the organization bringing the benefits to the business.

Proposed Business Idea

There are several innovative ways that the business can use to upgrade the efficiency within the firm. For instance, the companies can adopt an effective supply chain management method that will ensure that raw materials are obtained from suppliers in an optimal condition, processed and delivered to the customers on time. Nevertheless, improving efficiency in the workplace can be best attained by employee training (Szycher, 2015).


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This process allows the workers to gain the skills that they can use to perform their current tasks better and also to handle the new tasks. Staff training helps the organization to save the resources since the employees minimize the waste. Thus, the organization does not incur huge costs in terms of defective products. When the employees gain the new skills, they gain confidence as well as competence and, hence, have a high productivity that increases the sales of the company (Park, Kim, & Krishna, 2014).

Once the employees have acquired the skills through training, staff involvement can be initiated. In fact, the idea comprises the administration involving the workers in every stage of the verdict-making. The staff plays a crucial role in all the strategies that the business establishes. Such procedure is exemplified by the organizational structure at Sainsbury in the United Kingdom where the workers provide their feedback directly to the managing director. This system motivates the employees. They improve their productivity since they feel vital to the business. By applying the process, the efficiency of the organization increases (Schneider, 2013). Moreover, the employees have customer insight that can be obtained by the business to amend the services or products offered.

Breaking bureaucracy in the firm increases efficiency within the business. The staff works in a setting where the managing director is not present to monitor all their activities. Instead the management provides a supervisor who they can rely on concerning the current operations. This setting is appropriate for them as they can work well without any pressure (Schneider, 2013). The practice improves the efficiency of the business as the employees will cooperate with their superiors in a productive manner that will guarantee an enhanced organizational performance. Significantly, employee training will be intensified within the business and this process will be conducted via seminars and workshops.

Dividing the workers into teams will assist in attaining the intended objective of an increased motivation. Teamwork creates favorable social relationships. Each team will have a leader who will designate the tasks and duties amongst the members. The members of every team will approach the leader when they encounter problems in their daily tasks. Thereupon, this process will augment social relationship within the business. Notably, researches show that the performance of employees in a setting where the social relationship between the workers is good can be very high (Park, Kim, & Krishna, 2014). All the above actions are the innovative ideas that have been adopted in a few successful organizations globally to boost the efficiency.

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Value to the Company

Staff involvement is an effective tool for avoiding costly mistakes and inefficiencies. The administration will make the right decisions regarding the acquisition of the raw materials as well as the supply of finished products. The likelihood of error in all the stages of production is greatly minimized. As a result, the organization will experience an increase in revenue from the efficiency of the operations (Schneider, 2013). Furthermore, breaking bureaucracies will also aid in increasing the sales in the business. Bureaucracy consumes a lot of time and slows down the organizational processes. The levels of management have to be considered in all the activities. Communication from the upper management would be passed through the various stages before reaching the staff. Its feedback would also take a significant amount of time before reaching the upper management. This concept delays the operations of the organization. The organization would also benefit from a reduction of waste in the form of the defective products. Under those circumstances, the training would help the workers to employ the best practices effectively (Park, Kim, & Krishna, 2014).

Access to Resources

The organization will bootstrap the resources required to instigate these ideas that will improve the efficiency within the organization. The organization will sell various assets and use the surplus money available on the account of the organization. However, even though the activities may cost the business a substantial amount of revenue, the return on the investments will be adequate (Schneider, 2013). Employee training will utilize the biggest share of the resources since it will be conducted on a regular basis. Also, the resources will be obtained from the profits currently acquired by the business.

Inter-Organizational Relationships

The discarding of bureaucracy will permit an efficacious communication amongst employees from the different departments. Favorable employee-employee and employee-management relationships will create a positive social environment. Consequently, this state of events makes the workers more relaxed and they can perform their job without any obstacles from the workmates. This fact allows them to increase the productivity and they will be more cheerful when dealing with clients. Therefore, the employee-customer relationship will be greatly enhanced. The clients will feel content with the services that they receive from the organization so the customer’s satisfaction will be significantly enhanced. The concept will lead to other intended benefits of the business which incorporate increased sales and new customers (Park, Kim, & Krishna, 2014).


Employee training Four months
Discarding bureaucracy Three months (in pilot phases)
Employee involvement Four months (in pilot phases)
Dividing employees into teams Two months

The activities will be conducted simultaneously and will take a period of less than one year to complete. However, employee training will be conducted on a semi-annual basis.


The adoption of this intrapreneurship plan will result in the improved efficiency within the organization. The training will cause a reduction in the amount of wastage while discarding bureaucracy will encourage a faster communication amid the upper management, middle management, and lower management. Employee involvement will reduce the errors that may cost the business a significant amount of revenue. Finally, dividing employees into teams will increase the motivation of the employees while enhancing their productivity

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