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A Good Leader

Free «A Good Leader» Essay Sample
  1. It is crucial to identify present and future leaders in terms of practical value to organizations taking into account the trait, behavioral, and situational approaches to leadership. According to the trait leadership model, a true leader may be defined only by certain traits that make him/ her unique. The most vital traits of a good leader are leadership motivation (an intense desire to monitor the flow of work), integrity and honesty (ability to be an internal part of the team), and excellent knowledge of business (ability to be aware of the current market and its needs). Additionally, a true leader should have a well-developed cognitive ability and charismatic features. Thus, in terms of practical value there will be a great man (a leader) or a winner who controls and motivates others. Warren Bennis (1998), an American scholar and an active supporter of the trait model of leadership, accentuates that a true leader always knows what he/ she wants and how to achieve it. These are born skills, not acquired (Bennis, 1998). The practical value of trait model is an ability of organization to identify this “great man with great traits” that can accomplish tasks and conduct effective working procedure. On the contrary, the behavioral approach of leadership is characterized by dividing leaders into two types such as task-oriented and relationship-oriented. Thus, it is clear that a present or future leader will be divided into two groups those who want to fulfill their tasks no matter what, and those who are focused on values of group-work. By task-oriented leader is meant a person like a ‘Big Boss’ who gives direction to the group and focuses on the accomplishment of assignments. While relationship leaders are more self-disclosed (show concerns for others) and encouraged collaborative work. What is more, behavioral approach divides leaders into two basic types such as directive (to take decisions on his/ her own) and participative leadership (to give a chance for others to explain their opinions). Consequently, a practical value of a directive leader is an ability to manage the job; and a value of a participative leader is an ability to organize effective and collaborative teamwork. Referring to situational approach, it is evident that the situation plays a pivotal role by allowing to define a leader among others. Firstly, it maps the performance of the business. For example, application of new technologies into business can deteriorate or ameliorate the performance of a leader and his/ her business. Secondly, situation can externally and internally influence leaders. For example, the usage of mobile device is an external influence that helps a leader to reach his/ her employees; while conflict between colleagues, unreliable atmosphere, or bad mood can be defined as an internal power. For example, a pilot cannot control an aircraft because he worries about zones of turbulence (Wren, 1995). Thus, a situational model of leadership helps to identify the influence of surrounding on a leader. The practical value of a situational model of leadership is a chance to examine the strengths and weaknesses of a leader in different cases.
  2. Undoubtedly, it is difficult to become an in-group member since all the members of a group are tightly related and trust each other. However, there are numerous ways how to become an internal part of the group. Firstly, it is recommended to get a group that means to find people with similar views and opinions. Secondly, it is advised to “hook” your colleagues, for example, by playing the same video games or visiting the same night club. Thirdly, a great idea is to be innovative (even silly ideas are remarkable; now the colleagues remember these silly ideas, the next day their creator and, consequently, the creator is a part of a team) (Heifetz, 1994). Moreover, it is useful to accept other opinions and ideas that completely differ from personal ones. Additionally, it is good to merge with other groups, which means to link small groups in which the subordinate is popular and make one unity from these small groups (the more followers, the better). What is more, it is recommended to be enthusiastic and easy going (if it is a task-oriented group) since everybody needs to relax and joke that will make routine working procedure freer. On the contrary, if it is a relationship-oriented group, it is better to be more demanding and task-oriented that helps to gain respect among colleagues (Smith, 1999). Thus, it is clear that the subordinate should have some unique traits that fully suit concrete situations. In this case, situational and trait-based models of leadership are interrelated.
  3. One of the greatest leaders is King Abdullah, a great developer of Saudi Arabia. This great leader can be analyzed by the trait approach of leadership. The most vital trait of this leader is dogged determination that helps him to be a legal controller of the world’s largest oil reserves. Moreover, he is mature since he put many efforts not only into the development of oil reserves, but also education (it helped him to be recognized by his citizens as the biggest Islamic educator, which has made him very kind in the eyes of his citizens comparing to previous cruel kings). He reached friendly educational relationships with Austria where he found the first International Center promoting interreligious and intercultural tolerance. What is more, king Abdullah has an eager desire to motivate others. A good illustration is his control of da’wa network that is face of the Salafi brand of Islam (Shaikh, 2008). Another leader that should be analyzed is Louie, the head manager of a Mightly Muffler Brake service center in the Great Lakes Region in the USA. This leader should be taken into consideration since his leadership skills are very perplexing. It is better to implement a behavioral approach of leadership while investigating the core values of Louie. It is seen that this leader is task-oriented since he knows his goals and achieves them.

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