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National Football League Promotion Marketing

Free «National Football League Promotion Marketing» Essay Sample


The National Football League denotes the professional American football league made up of 32 teams. NFL was founded in 1920 (Zimmer & Marini, 2013). The paper presents an evaluation of the communication and promotion strategy used by the National Football League.

Part One

Currently, NFL uses superstitions and dilemmas in their advertising campaign (Zimmer & Marini, 2013). Besides, the sponsors of NLF are planning on more campaigns such as ‘March 50’, and ‘Wake up call’ among others. The campaigns will comprise of television commercials that illustrate the superstitions highly valued by the fans to help their preferred teams win.

Besides the television, NFL uses social media and mobile applications to engage their fans to achieve better campaign results. The foundation sets up the mobile-optimized applications to enable fans retrieve team news from their mobile phones easier (Davis & Hilbert, 2013).

The National Football League uses public relations efforts such as press releases and conferences on on-going sports and latest sports sponsorship. It also announces new product launches (Davis & Hilbert, 2013).


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Evidently, NHL uses sales promotions such as coupons and give awaygifts to attract more fans. For example, the foundation has a website where fans can save money for their favorite apparel or merchandise. On the website, fans can enjoy sales discounts and free shipping. Further, fans can get shopping coupons (Zimmer & Marini, 2013).

The National Football League does not use direct personal selling. However, they use endorsements and sponsorships. To reach out to their fans the company uses advertising, and the fans may get the products from company’s websites.

NFL has the most dedicated fans in the world of sports and the use of direct marketing is the best approach. As indicated by the studies, NLF uses the internet to get to know their fans (Davis & Hilbert, 2013). The company sends weekly email newsletters to their fans to enhance their relationship. Additionally, the National Football League uses direct marketing to stimulate season tickets’ sales. The company uses telemarketing to handle ticket and merchandise purchases.

Part Two

The commercial I found to be most ridiculous is the Bud Light NFL Quinoa. The commercial can be accessed at I found the commercial ridiculous because I can see no relationship between the quinoa and football. Similarly, the person performing the commercial shares the same sentiments too and even throws it in the fire. One would wonder what the marketers thought when they aired the commercial.

Evidently, the marketers were challenging the fans. They wanted the fans to determine if they would do anything to ensure their favorite team’s victory, like eating a quinoa veggie burger. In a nutshell, the commercial is highlighting the extent to which the fans would stretch to ensure the victory of their favorite team (Bud Light NFL Quinoa HD, 2013). People who came up with this marketing campaign wanted to show the tension and dilemma that builds up within a fan when he/she believes that he/she affects the outcome of a game. Besides, they tried to show that fans still continue to follow a number of superstitions. Conclusively, the utmost goal of the geniuses in the company who developed the commercial was to enhance the experience of the fans of the National Football League.

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The National Football League is the most popular sports league in the US. The company uses the dilemmas and superstitions as its marketing campaigns. The marketing is done using social media and television. As indicated above, the company also employs public relations efforts such as press releases and announcements to reach out to the public. Further, NFL uses coupons and give away gifts to entice its fans. Company’s personal selling includes endorsements and sponsorships. NFL also sends emails to its fans.

The paper also includes a description of the Bud Light NFL Quinoa commercial. Though the ad seems ridiculous, its developers wanted to enhance their fans’ experience.

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