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The relationship between the employer and the employees is facilitated by an effective communication process which involves the way the management can send and receive messages. It is well-known that good leaders are good communicators. That means that leadership and communication are inextricably tied. They are the two aspects that are applicable in the case of Superior Foods Corporation Challenge. Thus, effective and consistent communication from the manager is critical in addressing the welfare of the employees.

Assuming that I am one of the workers, I would have several questions first of all regarding my fate and the long-term sustainability of the company. Then, I would worry about the criterion used to dismiss the employees and fairness in selecting some workers and leaving others especially in terms of 48 hour-selection even for employees who had been working with the company for a long time. I would also raise question regarding the beginning of the layoffs and their duration. That is because of the fear of change that every employee is wary of. Moreover, I would consider enquiring how the operations would be handled by the reduced personnel. The next thing I would also be concerned about is whether the dismissed workers would be rehired as promised and, certainly, if they would be able to access extra benefits from the company as the employees have the rights that should be respected.


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The dismissed employees will have various questions concerning their welfare and the position of the company as well. They will question whether the company had any other better alternative than the choice of firing some workers. Some employees would definitely consider sacrificing a part of their salary rather than losing employment when their fate is unknown. Another question that will arise among these workers will be whether the company had the legal right to dismiss them at the first place. The answer to that question may vary, but the employees will wonder whether there are compensation packages to which they are entitled to having been fired. Moreover, the dismissed employees will question whether they will be re-hired now that they are jobless. They should also question their actions and wonder if they were responsible for their job loss. Ultimately, the employees will question how long it will take in the company to re-hire them and, if not they would ask how much time it will take before they will find an alternative job.

It is assumed that the dismissed workers will be considered for unemployment assistance from the government. However, they will question about the specific assistance which will be offered by the government.

It is important to remember that he manager plays an important role in sustaining the image of the company and maintaining motivation among the employees. For example, as a manager Schroeder may want to influence the morale of the workers. He will want them to understand why the company has to dismiss some employees and shut down some parts of the operations. Therefore, the manager needs to disclose all the information to ensure the employees appreciate the necessity of the drastic actions. The consistency of the information relayed to the workers as well as regular updates of the company’s status is of great importance in the quest of improving morale. The manager should also want the employees to feel that the company cares about them. Therefore, Schroeder should clarify on the accessed benefits of the employees. This ensures that the remaining workers can trust the company to keep their promises in the future. However, the major idea that should maintain the morale of the employees not being laid off is one that seeks to ascertain the company will thrive amidst the crisis. The manager needs to make the employees understand that they do not have to worry about their needs not being satisfied by the management.

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Also, Schroeder is the best spokesperson and should address the situation because he happens to be the plant manager. Managerial communication plays a critical role, especially at the times of crisis (Barrett, 2014). Superior Foods Corporation is currently facing a crisis.  Effective communication from the manager works as a lifeline during this time and binds the employees together. In addition, Schroeder is the best-suited speaker because he has the highest credentials, and, therefore, his message will be taken with the seriousness it deserves by all stakeholders.

Schroeder is also the best spokesperson because he acts as the company’s top representative. Jason Starnes is capable of relaying the message to the employees, but it would appear as if Schroeder is neglecting his managerial responsibilities when it matters the most. Managers must always communicate with their taskforce to address various situations that affect their welfare and Shroeder needs to be the spokesperson for the company. Jason Starnes can only intervene after the manager sends the initial message as a middle manager. Furthermore, the employees need to feel secure while others need to develop a sense of ownership towards the company.

If to speak about the best medium for communicating within an organization, it varies with the management. However, it is the employees’ right to know what concerns the company. The used communication could be either in the written form or passed through verbal communication. Managers may communicate with their subordinates through circulars, emails, and notices. Emails have often been considered to be reliable sources of communication because they act as references for the future. However, the current situation requires a memo. Shroeder should use it to draw the initial attention to the layoffs. This communication sets the foundation for the disclosure of full information now that the employees will be either directly or indirectly affected. The memo should seek to send out a message meant to convene a meeting where Schroeder will relay the key information regarding the fate of some employees. The meeting should clear all the questions that the employees may have. The manager should then follow up the meeting with an email to all workers outlining the course of action.

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