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I can say that I often visit a pet shop located near my house and spend much time there.  I visit it to buy a new toy or candy for my dog, watch the animals and just relax from the two-legged. Every time I enter this small room, it feels like seeing our society in miniature. This makes me consider a lot of rhetorical questions. Who decided that people are better than the animals? The answer to this issue resulted in the humans keeping animals in cages.  Those furry, feathery, fluffy and scaly beasts interact in the way that is so similar to the one of people, that I start doubting, why all those cats, parrots and apes cannot study with me in the same class. It does not seem that they are less intelligent than the majority of my peers.

When I first opened the door of this pet shop, I was stroke by the sound wave of meowing, barking, rustle of the wings and cries “Mutiny aboard!”. The cry belonged to Captain Silver, the old parrot who could speak as I learned in course of time. Two years of our acquaintance with Captain Silver have already passed, but no one is willing to take him home. Perhaps, all his problems are connected with his outstanding verbal intelligence and can be explained by the fact that he knows many words that descent people should not use in the polite society. The destiny of the old winged pirate who sailed the seas with Francis Drake became another proof that people often reject communicating with those who are better in something than they are. Captain Silver, for example, is braver and unreserved by stereotypes as compared with the majority of pet shop visitors.


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As I have mentioned earlier, the pet store consists of one room where the cages with the animals are placed on multiple shelves. Usually, the animals live in couples or in families, but there is one exception in the room. In one cage, a cat and a raccoon live together. Unfortunately, I did not witness their romantic love story and the start of their relationships.  The owner of the shop has told me that once she allowed the raccoon wandering around the room and he came to the cat’s house. The animal was so delighted by the cat’s white fur and tiny ears that he did not let anybody take him away from his fluffy lover. The friends lived in the pet shop for a long time, because the owner could not permit somebody break their love and so the assumed customer had to buy both of them. These two animals are also better than a great number of people, because they can love each other without paying attention to their differences. People, in their turn, often say that they belong to different social classes, to various nationalities and have incompatible characters, so they have to break up. In fact, all the differences are unessential, if it is a case of true feeling. Sometimes animals know it better than humans.

There is another hero in the pet shop – a fluffy white rabbit. All girls who enter the room start yelling from delight when they see it. I can listen for hours how they are touched by the beauty of this angelic creature. The only problem is that the rabbit does not show the signs of interest while listening to the dithyrambs. Physical beauty is not the main thing in attraction, as people often say. Though, even the animal experience shows that the better someone looks, the more love they receive without any efforts from their side.

I like to visit the pet shop due to the metaphysical experience it gives me. Every animal has its proper story, and they all create a unique society that is similar to people’s one in many aspects. Though, sometimes their community is even better, because they cannot talk and justify lying, stealing and discriminating.

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