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Assignment 2: It May not Work in Politics

Free «Assignment 2: It May not Work in Politics» Essay Sample

Unethical Congress Misconduct

Unethical conduct among Congresspersons is not uncommon. In 2011, Representative Aaron J. Schock made a trip to the Royal Ascot Horse Races in London at the Buckingham Palace and the Windsor Castle. He also allegedly made another unreported trip to Saudi Arabia, financed by the country’s tourism commission. Moreover, Schock is said to have repeatedly traveled on several occasions on private jets of campaign donors. The former representative of Illinois resigned to avoid a public meltdown and to keep the investigations by the House Committee on Ethics at bay. He was reported to have used taxpayer’s money worth over $40,000 to furnish his office, which has been dubbed “Downtown Abbey” styled. Further allegations against him included his lavish travels in connection with Ravneet Singh, who was under indictment by the federal law for the plan of committing campaign violations, cutting checks to the Cannon Group, and spending over $60,000 for his web build.


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Rising to power at a very young age, and being the first member of the Congress to be born in the eighties, Schock committed political suicide when he was barely 35 of age. His financial misconduct led to numerous investigations and subpoenas even after his resignation.

Schock’s indictment was a result of fraudulent misappropriation of taxpayers’ money and unethical conduct on social media. To begin with, his Instagram page, @Aaronschock, hosts some of his skiing and tangling photos, horse riding races, and other activities. Using his “youth card” to explain trips taken secretly is unbecoming of a young rising leader. This is one of my bases to agree with the way of dealing with unethical leaders as well as affirming that his penalty was necessary. Secondly, his decision to resign and avoid questioning may additionally prove him guilty in the audience’s and my mind, even before his trial. Jesse Jackson, for an illustration, pleaded guilty to the case of misuse of campaign funds, was imprisoned, and later released. However, this display of cowardice by Schock along with his unexpected withdrawal from office, to the voters may create mistrust not only towards him but also towards the House of Congress. Smith, Roberts, and Vander (2011) claim, “The popularity of Congress loses its positions in the public’s confidence in government generally. Scandals, even when they involve a single member, add to the public’s frustration with the congress.” With every accusation of Schock and other representatives, the disturbance on the integrity of the Congress occurs in my mind, and I have little confidence in their ability to make policies that serve the American. The delay in the trials pause eliminates certainty in the honor of the house.

Third-Party Candidacy

One of the political reasons why the third parties are unsuccessful in the United States politics is due to unlawful competition. Surpassing the obstacles already laid by Republicans and Democrats to curb competition and to keep the third parties at bay is by far the biggest problem independent candidates have to face. This is because the third parties eventually withdraw votes from some of them. In 2000, Green Party candidate Ralph Nader took votes from Democrat Al Gore, slightly contributing to the victory of George Bush, a Republican. Therefore, the level of regulation of the third parties is extremely high. There are organizations like the league of Women Voters that demands 10-15% polling. The Federal Commission also requires a candidate to raise in excess of $5,000 each in at least 20 states. Ballot access is hard, if not impossible.

The lack of media coverage offers a guaranteed fail to a political candidate; as a result, the third parties do not easily get media airtime. Sadly, this leads to the loss of votes and even harder time accessing the ballot box. Such fact then implies that independent candidates are a waste of voters’ time and will subsequently fail, keeping the public unaware of these different political interests; thus, their agendas remain unknown to the majority of voters. Parties as The Bull Moose Party of Teddy Roosevelt, 1912, as well as Ross Perot Party of 1992 have never made past a quarter of the votes cast during an election. Other candidates actually never reached the ballot box despite showing great promise in their political views. These third parties have never won an election, creating a psychology within voters that as much as the candidate is the best, they may not reach the ballot box; and even if they do reach, the candidates will not win due to the lack of votes. Without using publicity stunts, they are considered not newsworthy.

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The impact of the third party win would be shocking to the Republicans and Democrats. Firstly, the Republicans and Democrats would realize that they can easily be not elected anymore, and this would remind them of their oath of office. To avoid such case, the two-party system would strengthen its ideals and cores (Best & Lem, 2011).

Financial Security

The United States faces numerous judicial, domestic, or foreign challenges, both internally and externally. Among these appears financial security, which in America today is a dwindling affair. The average American stands at a crossroad, meeting essential needs or saving for retirement, living comfortably against paying the accumulated debt, bills, mortgages, credit-card payments. These are among some of the biggest financial worries for the American citizen today. According to Federal Reserve Survey, 31% of workers reported having no retirement plan and 36% admitted not retiring to save the money. Following the closure of people’s homes in the past year, and the cost-push inflation, many people survive satisfying only their immediate needs because of lack of money for future plans and investments. The government’s efforts to standardize and provide food for the average American have very little success. Still, banks will require their money back, mortgages will have to be paid, and children will have to go to school.

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