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Recruitment Methods

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The selection and recruitment criterion at Southwood School is not as efficient as it should be. Take, for instance, the school only applied for a single recruitment source. The members of the selection team were not trained. Additionally, interviews that were being conducted have no general order, and no scoring system was being applied. All these instances show that the recruitment procedure was not the best in candidates’ selection.

When Southwood School took the initiative to improve their selection and recruitment system, they developed a web page, added some previous work samples to the process of recruitment that both the students and the teachers participated in. Even though the response was positive, it was emanating from the selected candidates only; as a result, the turnover decreased. To assist Southwood School, below are my outlined chosen combinations of the selection processes (Robson, 2008). Recruitment methods determine the success of a company, there are several methods an organization can adopt to match their selection needs. Curriculum vitae, psychometric tests and teaching observation are among the primary recommendations criteria.


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Resume or Curriculum Vitae

A curriculum vitae or a resume can be an efficient source of the first selection method in an organization. It is very vital for those candidates applying for a job in the similar industry as it demonstrates the career progression of an individual. The Southwood School can use the resume as their first selection criteria. The curriculum vitae will grant them a little qualification of the suitable candidate for the stated position. Additionally, it is less expensive, and they can easily limit the number of applicants that will be selected for the final stages of the interview process. Curriculum vitae clearly sorts out the functional skills of an applicant.

Psychometric Tests

Psychometric tests give a measure on several attributes of an individual. Southwood School can eliminate biases that accompany interviews by adding the application of a psychometric test. Attributes that are evident in a psychometric test entail the intelligence of a candidate, the ability of the applicant to apply critical thinking, the motivation and the actual potential of a candidate.  A psychometric test aims at providing measurable and objective information that is suitable for overall applicants’ traits. By adopting the psychometric test, the candidate is presented with a fair assessment.

The psychometric tests accompany different tests associations. In general, the tests measure an individual’s capacity and their variation in values, motivation, any regards to priority and opinions that relate to various activities and working situations. The psychometric tests reveal the inner and hidden characteristic of an individual. Appropriate chance is granted to the type of candidates whose judgments are reasonable and realistic (Maitland, 2013).

Teaching Ombservation

A significant strength of using the classroom observation as an additional strategy will allow the interviewers to evaluate the educator in a more natural and realistic settings. By observing how the applicant demonstrates his or her teaching skills, the evaluators get to see his or her interaction abilities with the students, how the applicants capture the attention of the audience and the subject mastery of the content being taught. Southwood can apply the teaching observation criterion as a final assessment of the candidates’ potential after reviewing their resume, passing the interviews, and attaining the correct pass standards for the psychometric test (Silverbag and Jungwirth, 2014).

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For managerial positions, the School can opt to use the outside recruiters such as the radio advertisement. Radio adverts are efficient and relatively cheap. It will also assist when there is an emergency for a specified position that requires a quick resource. At times, there is little time to browse through the popular recruitment portal using the internal sources. Multiple ways should be devised to acquire more information. For instance, fax, phone and in person, that motivate applicants to pursue the position.

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