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Using Positive Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence in the Workforce

Free «Using Positive Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence in the Workforce» Essay Sample

Emotional intelligence is a human ability to recognize emotions, distinguish various feelings, and mark them appropriately in order to use the information obtained to direct other people’s behavior. The capability to identify the shifts in people’s emotions and change people’s moods is quite essential in enhancing the overall productivity. Consequently, it is necessary for successful management. The following paper is aimed at providing a report on the importance of emotional intelligence as a means of increasing employees’ productivity and improving personal life.

As a matter of fact, only few managers can properly control their own emotional state, which makes it almost impossible to influence other people in a positive way. However, it is sensible to master this skill due to several reasons. First, emotional intelligence enables people to perceive and detect the emotions of the members of their team. Furthermore, it affects the ability to resist pressure, resolve conflicts, as well as increases the competitive ability. Thus, a leader who can apply this skill to detect and respond to the changes in employees’ emotions and behavior creates confiding and trustful atmosphere, which further improves the relationship between co-workers. Since such way of communication enhances the effectiveness of work, general productivity increase and the organization develops. What is more, emotional intelligence is beneficial in successful recruiting, sales, and management skills (Druskat, 2014).


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It is essential to explain emotional intelligence to employees for better cooperation and further productivity. The proper way of achieving this aim is making people understand that emotions can make both positive and negative impact on the work process and communication with people. Thus, it is important to learn how to control emotions, especially in stressful situations. The ability to influence other people’s feeling may change the mood within the team and affect the general outcome.

Emotional intelligence can be improved by various methods of trainings. Primarily, it is recommended to observe one’s reaction to other people. An honest assessment of the way one judges and labels people may help to detect the problems with perceiving people’s needs. What is more, it is equally essential to identify the weak and strong sides. The ability of self-control in stressful situations is a great advantage in achieving success. Finally, one should take the responsibility for his or her actions and realize the impact that they have on other people. The latter also implies the need to take into account other people’s feelings while making decisions.

It should be mentioned that emotional intelligence is frequently considered to be more important than the intellectual quotient of a person. Such tendency is explained by the fact that the quality of commitment depends not only on intellectual ability of workers, but also on emotional state and sensibility, which helps to understand other people’s intentions better. Positive intelligence may also be beneficial for the people who cultivate a positive mindset, as long as it helps to perform better when facing a challenge. Overall, every business outcome shows improvement when the mindset is positive (Achor, 2012).

One of the main examples of the application of emotional intelligence is the communication with someone in superior position. In particular, asking for promotion or presenting the project may be a good way to use your interpersonal skills (Goleman, Boyatzis & McKee, 2014). Such situation will enable you to try your emotional intelligence ability and general flexibility, as you have to show respect and receive the best possible outcome.

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In conclusion, it is evident that emotional intelligence is an essential part of effective job performance and leadership skills. The notion is rather complex and consists of several elements. They are emotional perception – the ability to identify one’s own as well as other people’s emotions; the usage of emotions, which is the ability to control emotions in stressful situations and influence people’s mood; understanding of emotions implying the comprehension of emotions and the ability to manage them that is to change them in accordance with your needs. Realization of the usefulness of the discussed skill and its successful application contribute to the improved working environment in general and personal well-being in particular.

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