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Snapshots of Modernization

Free «Snapshots of Modernization» Essay Sample

“Snapshots of Islamic Modernities” by Gole

The issues of modernity present a significant challenge to the narratives of the Muslim world. One of the most detailed resources that focus on Islamism modernity is the Snapshots of Islamic modernities by Gole (Gole, 2000). In the article, the author reveals how modernity has been misconceived and how the western ideologies have dominated it. Moreover, he mentions how the modernity of the Muslims has been a big reprieve to the women and the whole generation of young people within the given society. Overall, the problems raised by the article represent with what is happening in the modern world today. Accordingly, the paper summarizes the issues raised in the article Snapshots of Islamic modernities by Gole and comparse its modernity of Islamism with the present life (Gole, 2000).

Gole asserts that modernity is set to liberate the Muslims from the traditional enslavement that has dominated the Muslims and to reintroduce them into the modern life (Gole, 2000). The dominance of the Muslim aspects in all sectors of life presents another significant challenge to modernity. The Muslims, who are more inclined to the west and the seculars, are the worst hit by the former. Although the issue of modernity is not fully rejected, there is a need to reexamine it critically (Ahmed, 2013). When compared to the realities of modern life, almost all cultures are facing a serious transformation from their traditions. People are shunning away from their oppressive cultures and they are adopting modern ways of lives. Due to the changes that have been introduced by modernity, the Muslims have been liberated from the old practices that enslaved them.


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According to Gole, the Islamic changes that have been introduced have led to the introduction of the Islamic communication arenas (Gole, 2000). They have led to new fashions and to revolutions within the banking sector. The Islamism has been associated with a middle class where new intellectuals have emerged in the field of commerce and politics (Gole, 2000). Islam is being infiltrated in the social lives today. The most notable feature is that modernity and Islam are not static, and they are ever changing (Gole, 2000). The emergence of new changes, such as recognition of women as part of the society as well as the new trends in the business and in the political world are clear indicators of the cross-fertilization that has occurred between Islam and the modernity. The modernity has fully revolutionized how people perceive Islam, and it has changed Islam for the best. In the modern world, Islam has changed a lot. The old beliefs and traditions have been eliminated and the Islam has just taken what is important for them. They no longer hold to the old practices that were oppressive. The new communication arenas have fully revolutionized the Muslim world.

According to Gole, one of the most notable elements is that the activists of Islamism have been drawn from the young and educated population (Gole, 2000). These people are not focused on preserving the old traditions of the Muslims, but aim at bringing new shape and form. These movement groups want to bring the face of the new and true Islam by executing social evolution. Nevertheless, even though the Islamic movements are revolutionary, they are based on morals. One of the most notable elements of change is that it is not instant, it will take a lot of time for the society to abandon the old Muslim practices and adopt the new more appropriate forms (Ahmed, 2013). The movements seek to restore Muslims by not changing the past, but by endowing the past and cultivating a sense of continuity in the society. The Islamic movements try to negate modernity to Islam. However, they are also very keen in ensuring that there is a control of what can be adopted from modernity. When compared to the Islam practices and what they practiced a long time ago, one would notice that the gradual changes that have taken place in Islam have changed the meaning of Islam to some extent. The young generations of activists have played a huge role in promoting changes in Islam.

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The author points out that empowerment of women has been an eminent factor in the modernity (Gole, 2000). Due to modernity, the Muslim women have experienced a lot of new changes. They have changed from the old traditional practices that restricted them to the household chores, adopted modern education, and moved a step further in obtaining an education (Sali, 2010). Furthermore, the women have criticized the old Islamic practices that limited them to the household and never gave them a chance to explore the other part of the world. The pursuit of independence among the Muslim women has broken the Muslim taboos (Sali, 2010). In the modern world, the Muslim women have assumed new roles. They are in the public arena and they are practicing the roles that were meant for men a long time ago. They have also been enlightened to no longer associate themselves with the old Muslim practices that hindered gender equality. Women empowerment is reflected in the modern arena as one of the aspects that have emerged from modernity.

According to the article, one of the notable factors that have challenged the political Islam is the issue of misuse of the marriages (Gole, 2000). Issues of promiscuity among the modern generations who are educated are one of the most eminent factors that have accompanied modernity in Islam. The religious marriages do not receive the strong emphasis that it received in the past (Ahmed, 2013). The modern youths have ignored the traditional marriages, and they have adopted a modern life where promiscuity is very common. In the modern world, the Muslims who used to hold the true virtues of faithfulness, have turned away from the real meaning of Muslim. Today they do not honor marriages and practice a lot of immoral practices. The new changes show how modernity has affected Muslims. Also, the emergence of the media featuring the Muslims is one of the key indicators that Islam is adopting modernity. All in all, promiscuity in marriages remains to be a dominant factor that has been associated with modernity.

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Modernity has brought a new face to the Muslim religion. According to the Snapshots of Islamic modernities, Muslims have adopted modernity (Gole, 2000). Their culture, religion, old Muslim practices that enslaved the Muslims have been improved, even though the issues of promiscuity in marriage have appeared to be eminent factors for the modern Muslim families. Thus, although the modernity has eroded some elements of Islam, it has proven to be beneficial in equal measure. It has brought a sense of gender equality which has been a very serious issue in Islam. All in all, despite being written more than a decade ago, the article fully reflects what is happening in the modern world.

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