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For as long as there has been human civilization, there has been a division between people according to their status.  The immigration, assimilation and adaptation have become a necessary part of any modern society. People are differentiated based on their belonging to social class, gender or community, or on their behavior norms and traditional rules.

The main focus of society assessment is the economics and the reasons for the ideology and politics of any nation to change and shift in the most unexpected ways. One of the central phenomena is the fact that the battle between different classes in society is existent because people have private property and wealth, as well as the quality and the amount of the said attributes. Being an immigrant in the US is an experience, which shows that people can be treated differentially based on their primary and secondary characteristics. However, the same claim can be applied to any society, as there are citizens who are more successful and famous as compared to a large percentage of the population. Nevertheless, the immigrant sees the host country differently than the native individual. For immigrants, a new country is an opportunity to achieve better life standards.


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In addition, people are divided according to their social class. The economic status leads to a class division where one group is more privileged than the other. Often, immigrants are escaping poor conditions of own country, thus they are looking for a future in the different state, where their families can gain support from the government and the society. The better economic and social opportunities lead to a faster development of an individual.  The differentiation in education, experience and professional development led to the salaries distribution according to the social demand. The more a person is needed in the industry, on the production plant or in other areas of society, the more expensive their labor will be. Thus, a higher paid person acquires a higher social status. The government’s duty is administration and control of people that are the majority of the social fabric. In reality, the social type of division is obvious, as those in power have control over the resources of the country. The politics and public administrators are the people that decide what is best for the rest of population.

The modern democratic governments have come a long way from communism and socialism; however, the class separation still exists. The reason for division is the centralization of government and the inability to closely detail the issues that are the concern of local communities. The government should adhere to the issues of the people and the needs of the majority. It is extremely difficult to analyze the necessities of people when the physical and moral power is so far away. The working class is forced to live in the provided conditions, as they have no voice and the ability to spring to power. People are limited by their resources and the ability to voice an opinion that will be heard. One of the most important aspects of any national and working class movement is the organization. Citizens must be educated on the current issues and unite with the common goal. History has many examples where individuals or small groups of people wanted to change the world but were unsuccessful due to the lack in numbers of participants.

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A clear separation of the social norms and expectations can be observed in the genders attributions. One of the major differentiations can be observed in the social circles. Females are expected to be the center of home, bringing up children and taking care of the household. From one perspective, it is a reasonable scenario, because women are more caring and responsible for their children and homes. However, from another point of view, there is a bias towards some men that can choose to raise children and take care of the home.  The second issue with gender expectations is discrimination at the workplace. The United States citizens expect certain professions to be taken by men. Recently, the stereotype has shifted a little, so there is a progress in gender equality. Nonetheless, some careers are dominated by men. For example, the governmental positions and public administration placements, which reserve power and influence, are dominated by men even in contemporary world.

Multicultural education and access to information have been very important for the perception of the world and people. The United States is one of the most multicultural places in the world, and the people with different backgrounds have a significant influence on the culture of the country. In general, when people learn about other cultures, beliefs and traditions, they become more tolerant of their fellow human beings and can find a common ground easier. As a matter of fact, all people strive towards same things in life, and they can gain insight into peculiarities of different cultures. The education is crucial because it determines the future life and goals and broadens perspectives.

Relatives play a major role in how well a child will live in the world. The behavioral shaping is achieved through involvement in numerous physical/athletic activities, specialized classes for children with talents and skills in a particular subject, as well as life-long education. The fact that a person has the support and the acknowledgement of the family creates a very beneficial environment for people to develop strong personalities. The traditions and knowledge that were brought into the family have a significant effect on the way a person sees the world. The understanding of native culture and the host environment creates a perspective, so there is a benefit in growing up in a multicultural country like the United States.

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